Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Start a blog? Me?

No idea how you got here, but glad you are here! My name is Ashley, but you can also call me Mrs. G.

I am a stay-at-home Mom to the 3 G-girls. G1 is six, G2 is four this month and G3 is almost two. They keep me busy, but I always find time to bake, photograph, craft and create!

Before having the G's I had a website called, maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. It was a blast, I received a lot of press for it and it made for some extraordinary high school memories. In 2003 I wed Mr. G. and this family of G's began! I've worked here and there; most recently in social media, but I always come back to being home with the G-girls.

After a few years of listening and watching others online, I've been encouraged by a friend and fantastic mother, Katie, to return to the web with my thoughts and ideas. Katie might be the only person who reads this and that's ok too! Her and I like to share ideas. ;)

So here goes....


  1. Hey follower...I guess we're all new since this is a new blog. ANyways, I'm a friend of Katie's, fellow mom and crafter. Wanted to introduce myself. And good luck on your new adventures!

  2. I remember! Your daddy was so proud to tell us about it... I read all of it at the time and was so very impressed. You better bet I will follow your blog. <3

  3. hey! i know hunter and his family from the old childhood acting days. so excited to have y'all in lexington now!!! :) let me know if you ever need any help with anything! and you can find me and :) :)