Friday, February 17, 2012

Tangled: Every Rapunzel needs this brush!

Have you ever brushed the hair of a screaming child? I admit I have almost chased my daughter with a brush on occasion. The worst experiences ended with both her and me in tears. One summer when my Dad & Stepmom were visiting, I attempted to brush G2's hair and there were tears all around. My Stepmom hugged me and told me tangle free hair is not worth compromising my relationship with my daughter. Did I want her to have many memories of screaming and crying? As we talked I realized it wasn't G2 that was hurt if she went to dinner without combing her was my ego! I was just worried about what people would think of me as a Mom. Not worried so much about strangers, but there are a few people in my life who relish in any imperfection I have and that fear was making me lose sight of what was important.

There are definitely some things worth fighting over, but I've realized there are so many more things that aren't. Throw a hat on or put that tangled mess in a ponytail and let's go! I know G2 will eventually outgrow her aversion to combing. She won't enter high school with a tangled mess every day, so who cares?!  If she does a pixie cut would be just adorable on her! ;) Still, there are a few times when you want your children to look nice and for that I have the most amazing brush for you to try! Our world has changed since I purchased a "Wet Brush"by Luxor! I have an amazing hair stylist (if you know me you know how picky I am) and he sells these brushes in his shop here in Lexington (, but you can get them online too (! I picked up one for each of the older G's and will be purchasing my own when I get my hair done tomorrow! You just softly comb through the hair and the brush detangles one layer of hair at a time until the brush can sweep easily from root to end! It's so easy! The first night we tried it it took about 10 minutes to get through G2's mess, but for the first time in a year there wasn't a single tear!!! Depending on where you purchase it, the brush price varies from $10-$15 but I would pay $50! It's amazing! Since the wet brush came into our home I have been brushing G2's hair regularly and she has even requested pig tails and braids before school!

I wish I had this brush as a child & even now my own hair is incredibly tangled at times and I can't live without the wet brush now! Works on wet or dry hair! How fun are the colors too?! Try this brush and let me know what you think!!!
-Mrs. G
G2 showing off the new Wet brushes

Brushing her own hair with no complaints!