Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventures in unschooling

Maya & Chloe voluntarily playing together....without fighting.....amazing!
As I searched for a new school for my children, I couldn't deny the sinking feeling I had. A classical education of traditional school two days a week and homeschooling 3 days just wasn't right. I certainly won't ever send my kids to school 5 days a week again. I may post more about my reasons behind that at another time. 

As I investigated homeschooling online I came across a term I was unfamiliar with: unschooling. This was it! The answer to my prayers and the reason for my bad feeling about school. I knew that the idea did seem radical compared to what I was "taught" about how school should look. I prayed and trusted that if it was right, my husband would be on board-and he was! 

So I bought Sandra Dodd's book and began reading and experimenting. We are just a few days in and I've seen amazing results along with some challenges (mostly on myself & my husband's part). I hope I can share my experience to help others and hopefully get some helpful feedback as well!

Here goes!!!

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